The idiot of the day goes to the Michigan woman who used red Kool Aid to fake her pregancy to escape jail.  I don't think I can stop laughing right now.

Ray Lynn Dennis-Sessions, who already plead guilty to delivering & running a meth lab, is in more trouble now.  The pregnant woman tried to use red Kool Aid to simulate that she was bleeding and having complications.  Livingston County jail staff rushed her to the hospital but was given some bizarre news.

The emergency room doctor concluded that Ray Lynn was not bleeding or under any distressed.  The convicted woman thought that by getting to a hospital, she could make her escape from jail.  I'm not sure how she was going to pull that off but who knows.

Now, the meth dealer will appear back in court for charges of filing a false report and conspiracy to escape. I am extremely upset with this woman for using Kool Aid in her plot to leave jail.  I don't think I could ever drink red Kool Aid again.