I just don't know what to think about this story of the pregnant Michigan woman who went into labor after being arrested for stealing a truck.  I am sure that she put herself and the unborn child in harms way. 

The Dodge pickup truck was stolen in Dearborn Heights by four people, one being the pregnant woman.  Shortly after the car was stolen, the police were called and they found the truck driving around.  The police tried to pull the stolen truck over but a high speed chase started.

The truck slammed into two cars in Red Lobster's parking lot and a utility pole.  Three of the occupants of the truck got out and ran from police but the mother-to-be stayed behind.  Soon as the cops put the cuffs on her, she went into labor.  She was quickly escorted to the hospital.

I hope the child and the woman are safe and unharmed.  I hope her friends are charged for endangering the unborn child.