It seems the majority of Michiganders support the idea of sick children having access to medical marijuana.

According to a recent poll, 85 percent of Michigan’s resident said they believe seriously ill children across the state should be permitted the use of medicinal cannabis. Only about 14 percent of those surveyed said they were not in favor of this concept.

As of right now, edible marijuana products are prohibited under the Michigan Medical Marijuana Act. Therefore, parents who use cannabis oil to treat their sick youngsters, as with the case of mother Ida Chinonis and her 6-year-old daughter Bell, run the risk of prosecution. Nevertheless, most parents are willing to risk it because this medicine is proving successful in the treatment of conditions ranging from epilepsy to renal failure.

Lawmakers have been trying to push amendments to Michigan’s medical marijuana program that would, once again, allow the use of edible products. But the state legislature simply cannot reach an agreement on the issue. Law enforcement lobby groups are reportedly at the root of this unnecessary snag.