The Flint Tropics Basketball team has been announced in Flint as a Professional Minor League with the help of two Flint natives and will be holding tryouts soon. The halftime shows are gonna be insane! 

Flint Tropics

Flint native Myke Darrough who owns Truly Grand Sports Promotions (an International Sports Broker Company based out of Michigan), as well as being the director of Corporate Sales & Entertainment in the IFL  (Indoor Football League) Myke brings a ton of experience to the table. Along with his partner, Flint native Delano Burton II who is a very successful entrepreneur and is making strides in the local medical marijuana community with his private club, Highly Sociable located on 414 S. Dort Hwy. Which he intends to eventually turn into a research center to help provide credible medical marijuana data for the state of Michigan.

Now details on tryouts are coming soon. With this being an actual professional minor league there is an opportunity for players to make really good money if their skills are up to par. And the word is that tryouts will be nationwide. The plan is to develop a very serious team, and the only way you can do that is by being open to all walks of talent, not just the ones in Flint. But that's not the part that excites me the most. Myke and Delano wanna focus on making the halftime show the main attraction. With obvious inspirations coming from the movie Semi-Pro starring Will Ferrell, expect to see Jackie Moon themed half time shows which is sure to bring massive crowds to the event just to see what's going to happen next! They also wanna have a huge focus on bringing the community together by bringing family fun entertainment to the city of Flint.  And I have been told, that you may very well see a bear wrestling match in Flint when The Flint Tropics basketball games takeoff in 2021. I can't tell you how excited I am about that!

Stay posted here for more details. So far we know that tryouts for the team will be in 2020 along with Cheerleader tryouts, details on official merchandise, and more. We don't know yet which arena will be home to the Flint Tropics but we should get details on that very soon. Let's get TROPICAL!

Check out the full interview below! 

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