Joe Louis Arena is selling limited edition vials of melted ice from the last Red Wings season. You can own a piece of The Joe or a melted piece that is for $85. The Joe is only selling 3,000 vials of melted ice to fans. All the proceeds from the Red Wings history will benefit The Detroit Redwings Foundation. The 501(c)(3) charity provides funds and resources to worthy causes that contribute to the growth of hockey, according to the Red Wings website.

For the price of $85, you get a vial of melted ice from the last Red Wings season at Joe Louis Arena, in a 6' x 8' shadowbox framed photo of Joe Louis Arena. Shipping is included in the cost of the melted ice.

As silly as it may seem to some to pay $85 for water (melted ice), a lot of Michiganders have great memories of The Joe. I have seen many Red Wings games there, as well as a few great concerts. I will miss the 1,000 stairs and the tiny seats with no cup holders. The Joe will always be the home to the Red Wings for a lot of fans. My guess is, that by the end of the weekend the commemorative ice is sold out, so if you want in on a vial of history, you can buy yours here.

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