The Public Act 4 seems to remain in place for the City of Flint.  From what I understand, Public Act 4 allows a Emergency Manager to come into the City and help restructure things to operate more efficiently.

So there has been citizens in the area getting signatures on a petition to remove Public Act 4.  Today the Board of Canvassers ruled the petition did not meet requirements to be certified which would have removed the Emergency Manager.

I do not think this is the last we will hear about trying to remove the Emergency Manager.  How do you feel about all the political fighting in the City of Flint?

FLINT, MI -- Bishop Bernadel Jefferson spent hours circulating petitions in Genesee County and other communities over the past year to let Michigan voters have their say on the state's emergency manager law, Public Act 4.

But a deadlocked vote from a state board today means those petitions won't be certified, at least not without a fight, and Public Act 4 remains in place for now.

"Of course we're going to fight it," said Jefferson, a Flint pastor. "We've come too far and fought too hard. It was unfair and unjust to us as the citizens."

The state Board of Canvassers issued a tie vote today on certifying the petitions, meaning the referendum of Public Act 4 won't go before voters. The petition was challenged based on the font size and other issues of form required by law.

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