The Detroit Red Wings lost the first game of their opening round playoff series against Nashville, but Wings fans have plenty of motivation going into game two.

In the final seconds of the first game Shea Weber shoved Henrik Zetterberg's face into the glass, which even in hockey, is illegal.  Everyone expected a suspension, but that's not the way things ended up.

The NHL fined Nashville defenseman Shea Weber $2,500 for slamming Detroit forward Henrik Zetterberg's head against the glass at the end of Game 1 and warned the captain to be careful the rest of the playoffs.

Warned him?!  Warned him about what?  That if he slams someone else head into the glass that hard it might shatter the glass?

This is why people love Hockey, because it's the closest thing to 'Thunderdome' that the modern law will allow.

Either way, the Wings will try to even the series tonight in game two.  If you need a little motivation, watch the video below.

Weber Introduces Zetterbergs Face To The Glass