Tailgating before your teams big game is an American tradition.  There are always plenty of friends, food and bad decisions.

Let's focus on the bad decisions part for just a minute.

In one week of tailgating highlights we saw parents teaching their toddler how to beer bong.  A grandma get hoisted up so she could do  a kegstand, and a guy take his pants off to fight a crowd.

Bad decisions?  Yes.  Want to see them?  YES!

This lady will definitely have to wait till next year to win her "Mom of the Year" award.


This lady is actually very nimble for being in her 70's.  Afterward she stood up and yelled, "GEAUX TIGERS!  . . . who has my teeth?"


Then there is this guy, who almost makes the good decision of walking away from the angry mob.  Something inside him snaps though, and tells him to take his pants off . . . turn around . . .  and go get your ass kicked.

In his defense, the annoying guy with the microphone needed someone to punch him.  It probably should have been someone wearing pants though.