You may be surprised to hear the results of a recent survey from CareerBuilder involving job satisfaction.

It turns out that most of us (61%) say that we are satisfied with our current job.

Workers in health care, transportation and utilities had the highest rate of job satisfaction at 67%. The least happy were retail workers. Only 48% of workers in retail found their job satisfactory.

When it comes to career advancement, 30% of workers were satisfied with the opportunities to move up in their current workplace.  However, 37 percent of retail workers said advancement opportunities weren't available.

Workers in health-care were the most satisfied group when it came to training and learning opportunities at 44% saying they were content. This group was also one of the highest to be satisfied with work/life balance, but information technology had the highest satisfaction rate at 56 percent. About 53 percent of workers were satisfied with their work/life balance at their current job.

63 percent of workers did say that they felt stress in their current job.

The least-stressed workers were in transportation and utilities, while the most stressed were retail workers.