The Bentley Bulldog staff teamed to create a 'Bully Free' message, with the help of Taylor Swift's 'Shake It Off.'

Positivity is the goal with this hilarious lip sync video.  The staff knew that this would be a great way to create awareness for National Bullying Prevention month.

The video description on YouTube sums it up perfectly:

Our Bentley Community Schools staff wanted to send a message of empowerment to our students. The song "Shake It Off" reinforces the fact that we all have the power within ourselves to not allow other people's harsh or unkind words and/or actions to victimize us. Our Bulldogs are awesome!!!

We salute you Bentley, and we hope more people follow in your footsteps.  Great job to all the teachers, administrators and staff involved in the video.  The kids are lucky to have such a good group to learn from!