The mask mandate that the TSA put in place was set to expire on May 11th but has now been extended.

This is a bit ridiculous if you ask me. I'm all for public safety but wearing a mask on a bus or plane surrounded by a bunch of strangers is like jumping in a pool and trying not to get wet.   You're locked in a metal box, how will a mask help?

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The mandate was set to expire May 11th but it was extended until September 13th. 

The TSA implemented the mandate on February 1st as part of President Biden's order promoting protective health measures against the coronavirus in the travel sector. 

I'm no medical professional, but I feel like a mask wouldn't really help protect me against much on a bus, train, or plane. When you cough or sneeze the particles are floating air for everyone to breathe in and on a bus or train, they have nowhere to escape. Either way, keep your masks up for a few months! Hopefully, the next deadline will be our last.

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