What a fish story these guys will have to tell. Two men who were fishing on Lake Michigan Saturday spotted a deer in the water and helped the animal back to shore.

David Maynard Jr. and Michael Morey hadn't had any luck with fish on White Lake in the early morning hours of October 9, so they steered their boat toward deeper water.

"We didn't have any luck catching anything so we decided to go out into Lake Michigan," David tells Grand Rapids TV station WZZM.

About a mile out from shore, the pair spotted something splashing in the calm water. At first, the two thought it was a duck but then quickly realized it was a male deer headed in the wrong direction.

"It was swimming west toward Wisconsin," David said. "I thought, we have to help this poor thing."

They tell the TV station that they considered using a rope to coerce the animal back to shore but instead opted to drop the boat's speed to about three miles per hour to keep pace with him and make sure he headed in the right direction.

The Boys Save the Day

The pair say it took about an hour for the animal to swim to shore.

"Once the deer got its feet on some ground, it was able to wade in toward shore," David said. "We drifted about 50 feet out to make sure the buck got out of the water safely."

We never would have believed their fish story, so it's a good thing they captured the rescue on video.


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