In March of 1995, a man named Gobi. M. Rahimi started photographing Tupac Shakur up until the rapper's death on Sept. 13, 1996. Now, some of the finest unseen photos from Rahimi's collection are being released, and you can take a look at all of them above.

Rahimi is selling framed prints of the photos on the Sonic Editions website in various sizes. With the 20th anniversary of 'Pac's death right around the corner, these are gonna be selling like hot cakes.

The photos range from Sept. 1994, when 'Pac is pictured performing in Chicago, through 1996 when the rapper was slain. Plus, there's a rare picture of the rapper performing with Digital Underground back in 1990.

Recently, some original handwritten lyrics by Makaveli made their way online, as auctioneers sought nearly $40,000 for their purchase. The late rapper's estate isn't too happy about it though, saying they are "aggressively pursuing" those who try to make a buck off 'Pac's memorabilia, including Gary Zimet, the guy who's selling the lyric sheet.

Rahimi was Tupac's production partner and shot many short films for the rapper. His photos show 'Pac as both playful and reflective; the "So Many Tears" rapper seems playful and relaxed in some pictures, but in others he seems pensive, foreshadowing a dark ending.

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