The decision was made late yesterday.

The city of Frankenmuth has backpedaled on their decision to have its fireworks show tonight, announcing yesterday that the show will not, in fact, on.

"After consultation between and among the Frankenmuth Jaycees, the City of Frankenmuth and a conversation with the Michigan Attorney General's office, the scheduled fireworks event will clearly violate the requirements of Executive Order 110.”

Eric Ball, Chairman of the Frankenmuth Volkslaufe, said, "This decision was not taken lightly nor without consideration of the impact on the community, visitors of Frankenmuth, our wonderful businesses, and the tourism economy in general. We are truly heartbroken to make such a decision at the last minute.”

Jamie Furbush, President/CEO, of the Frankenmuth Chamber of Commerce and CVB, said that it's possible that, because of the late notice, people will still show up.

“It is disappointing for our community and visitors that have made plans around the fireworks and we pray our guests will be kind to those who work in our City despite their frustrations. We’ve been taking calls at the Visitor Center and telling people from hours and states away about the fireworks for the last month. We worked to encourage people to spread out and enjoy the display safely, so we too are disappointed in the changes. While we intend to try and get the word out, we know people will be upset. Unfortunately, some guests may not get the news until they are here because of the timing. That is not how we like to operate in Frankenmuth, but operating in the world of Covid-19 is complicated."

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