Western Michigan University is now the home of Lake Waldo, after another round of flooding overtook Waldo Stadium.

This is the second time that Waldo Stadium has flooded in the last two years. Luckily this time around, no events were planned for the field. The bad news is that more rain is expected to fall throughout the day today.

The flood waters should start to pull back tomorrow, and officials just plan on letting it drain naturally for now. If more work is needed after the water is gone, then WMU will figure out what steps need to be taken next.

This is just another result of the incredibly wet year we've had so far in 2019. When you add in the fact that we've had way below average temperatures and sunshine this year, it's no surprise that flooding is becoming a bigger problem.

Hopefully with the first official day of summer coming tomorrow, this wet weather will start to fade away.

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