Make sure you keep an umbrella in the car today because we've got reports of a major thunderstorm headed to mid-Michigan today.

If the storm is anything like what touched down a week ago we could be in for a wild ride today, fingers are crossed that it's just a baby storm. Hopefully.

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Mich. - A severe thunderstorm watch has been issued in the Mid-Michigan area.


The watch goes until 9:00 p.m.

The worst part of these recent storms has been the tons of flooding sweeping across Michigan. I feel like it's happening more and more here in Michigan than it ever has in previous years. I'm not smart enough to understand why that is but we have been having some record floods in Michigan this year that left hundreds of people without homes.

So if you are a homeowner in Michigan I would advise that you start taking home insurance seriously. One flood could destroy everything in your house and even make it non-livable with mold and whatever else gets swept into your home. Just accept the fact that if you own a home in Michigan there's a really good chance your house could end up flooded...

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