After the violence th

Sarah Palin Launches New Book Tour In Phoenix

at happened in AZ over the weekend, I'm shocked more people aren't speaking out about Sarah Palin and how that incident was closely tied to a new campaign of hers... Peep!

This is Dubb being political and de

ep for a second so bare with me... But I find it interesting that if someone robbed someone or beat up someone or robbed somebody and they even remotely listen to Rap or hip-hop, then it's hip-hops fault! You know.. "rap made

me do it". But lately their seems to be a lot of crimes that are happening related to what some politicians or political correspondents have to do, or are preaching. Now everyone is accountable for their own actions but still, it seems this is disregarded or not made as such a big deal as if hip-hop has anything to do it... Here's a good editorial that expounds upon this..

Here's a quick piece then I'll post the link below...

When I heard former governor Sarah Palin unapologetically use gun rhetoric in describing how she wanted to eliminate her political opponents,

she seemed pretty gleeful even after receiving complaints. One of those opponents who voiced concern was shooting victim Gabrielle Gifford, but Palin paid her no mind. S

he never stopped smiling.

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