A Detroit couple was ambushed and gunned down at a gas station in Detroit with a child in their car. Luckily the child was not hurt but unfortunately, the couple died on-site.

The recent surge in violence has gripped areas all around Michigan. Just the other day there was a shooting inside the Genesee Valley mall that left two people critically wounded. The willingness to take lives nowadays has been taken to a whole new level.

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Detroit police say two people were ambushed and killed while in a car with their child at a Detroit gas station. Two men fired shots at the car Monday night, killing a man and a woman, who were 22 years old. Their 9-month-old baby was not hurt. The shooting was recorded by the gas station's security cameras. Police Chief James White says it wasn't a random killing. He calls it "horrific." Posters seeking tips were being distributed with video images of the gunmen. Community activist Malik Shabazz wants the public to help. Shabazz says "someone knows" who pulled the trigger. Source:NBC25.com

The part that makes all of this gun violence really sad is that it's mainly happening with our youth. The majority of these killings are happening to adolescents in their early 20's. The only that I can think of that's fueling this violence is social media.  These street beefs have no room to calm down when you have a platform to publicly disrespect someone.  If we can somehow as a people step back and look at what's happening we can then begin to change the mindset.  Until then these types of killings will continue to happen to our youth.

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