Blake Griffin fakes out a entire NBA team and then brutally slam dunks the basketball.  The former Sprite Slam Dunk champion gets a wide open dunk after faking out the Golden State Warriors team with a nice ball fake. I can't wait until the NBA season starts.

I don't advise a team to boast about improving their team before the official season kicks offs, especially if you are the Golden State Warriors.  The Clippers and Warriors came together for a preseason match up which gave us the highlight clip below.

The Clippers ball handler drove towards the basket, while the Warriors defenders where able to slow him down. The ball-handler saw the  would be good defense and passed the hoop seed to Blake Griffin. Griffin gave the quickest ball fake which made all five Warriors defenders turn away.

With the basketball goal wide open after the ball fake, Griffin brutally slammed dunked the ball to capitalize on the Warriors miscues. Check out the dunk below. Is this the best fake out in NBA history?

[spotted at DM]