Flint has seen a total of 21 homicides going into 2021 and Flint Police Chief Terence Green is asking the public to speak up.

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In a press conference, Chief Green pointed out that the main problem they're having with violence is the lack of cooperation with the victims. I can understand being scared to speak up because the idea of doing so can put your life at risk.

But we have to! If we remain silent our community will continue to be run by people with no regard for human life.



It's sad to hear that even our community isn't really willing to support the local police outta fear. That's something we have to overcome, and the only way to do that is by changing our mindset. The police haven't been in the best spotlight as of recently, but that's no excuse to ignore psychopaths that run around Flint killing and endangering lives.

So if you see something, please have the courage to speak up. It's gonna take all of us to take our community back.

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