Accountability for our elected and appointed official may soon be a reality.  Flint City Councilman Sheldon Neeley believes city officials should be drug tested at least once a year.  I think I am in favor for this move.  

Councilman Neeley brought up the idea in a committee meeting stating that officials should be held to the same standard as police officers and firefighters.  According to MLive, Neeley said,

“I think as elected officials we need to hold ourselves to a higher accountability,” Neeley said. “If we’re asking our police and firefighters to be screened, we need to set an example.”

The proposed drug testing would happen once a year, but I think it should be done more than just once and be random.  After Councilman Mays was acquitted on marijuana possession in June, it makes sense to test our officials.

I want to hear from you, should the city officials be subject to drug testing?  Leave a comment below with your thoughts.

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