It's time to head to the polls for many in Genesee County, and the ballot is packed. Here is a rundown of what people are voting on today.

Flint residents have a lot to decide today. 18 candidates are on the ballot for the Mayoral Recall, along with the entire city council.  The Mayoral election will be decided by popular vote, with the winner finishing out a two year term that expires in 2019.  If Mayor Weaver loses, she'll have to leave the office within two week.

You can see all 18 candidates for Mayor here. Get information about the 17 Flint City Council candidates here.

Fenton will be voting for Mayor today as well.

There are city council seats up for grabs in Burton, Fenton, and Clio. There are also millage/bond proposals in Gaines, Linden, Lake Fenton, and Fenton. You can get a complete look at the proposals here.

Polls are open today from 7am to 8pm, and will remain open until everyone in line has finished voting. If you would like to brush up on your voter rights, and responsibilities, you can do that here.

To find out where you vote, and to see sample ballots, just click below.


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