Flint Police will continue to make arrest for marijuana possession after approved marijuana proposal. It doesn't look like the Flint Police Department will allow marijuana possession to slide pass their handcuffs.  Many recreational marijuana users may be upset and confused.

According to the approved proposal, anyone over the age of 19 could have less than an ounce of marijuana in their possession on private property. However, in a statement from the City of Flint, arrest will still be made.

A excerpt from the statement obtained by MLive, says,

"The ballot proposal approved by Flint voters creating an exemption under city ordinance to allow persons at least 19 years old to possess less than one ounce of marijuana is symbolic in nature," the city's statement read. "It does not decriminalize possession of marijuana."


Well, unfortunately to my cousins out here with them "medical marijuana cards," you will be arrested.  I really hope that people do not start acting and produce opinions that are off the wall. Please research state and federal laws.