If you ever lived in Flint for any amount of time you know about Flint Atwood Stadium. Being a resident for more than 10 years, you know how the 11,000 seat stadium has been a staple for events and football games.  It seems as if the historic landmark has become too expensive for the City of Flint to maintain and run and talks with Kettering University have begun for a partnership. 

The stadium that has given so many Flint residents memories may be taken over by prestigious institution sometime soon.  Kettering and the City of Flint have agreed to discuss a partnership in handling the place that housed several high school football games and events.

According to MLive, several City Council members believe it is the right thing to bring Kettering into the picture.  Fourth Ward Councilman Josh Freeman said,

“I can’t think of a better organization in the community than Kettering to take it over.” He says he's focused on the future of the facility rather than its vaunted past."

Third Ward City Councilman Bryant Nolden also agree with the possible partnership with Kettering and the City of Flint concerning Atwood Stadium.

“It could be a win-win situation for the city and Kettering as well,” Nolden said. “That’s a historic stadium. With Kettering coming on board and possibly running it, I think they could put some needed resources into it the city can’t afford.”

I am really excited to see the City of Flint officials move in the right direction concerning a historical landmark like Atwood Stadium.  It would crush the moral of the residents if Atwood Stadium were to close down.  Partnering with Kettering University would be a good look because the school would have resources to maintain, renovate, push for new horizons. I hope the partnership will happen.