The August 4th Primary in Michigan is getting very close, and voting officials have some advice for anyone voting with an absentee ballot.

The message is pretty simple, if you have not mailed your absentee ballot in by now, you should plan on delivering it in person before the primary. The Michigan Department of State and county clerks are worried about ballots not arriving in time if they are mailed now. They have asked all absentee voters to deliver them if they have not already dropped it in the mail.

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If you are not sure where you should be delivering your absentee ballot, you can find out all of the information here. The ballots must be returned to your clerks office by 8pm on primary day, Tuesday August 4th.

Absentee ballots have become more popular than ever this year in Michigan thanks to changes in the voting laws. The onset of the Coronavirus pandemic is also a huge factor in how many people decided to vote via the absentee ballot this year. Last year around 500,000 people voted absentee, but this year nearly 2 Million people have requested absentee ballots!

The increase in absentee voting has spurred some to cry out that voter fraud will run rampant. There is no evidence to support that, and most voting officials have written it off as false information.

The main thing is to make sure you get out and vote, either in person or by dropping off your absentee ballot by August 4th. Then you can plan on doing the same in November.


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