Watch as a NYC man is arrested for cracking an innocent joke!

NYPD are really crazy. This guy is walking by and cracks a little joke to a guy on a bike talking to the NYPD van. As he continues to walk a cop screams as the jokester to keep his mouth shut and to "mind your own business". Then the cop jumps out the car and begins to walk towards the guy. All the cops get out and surround the guy and he's upset because it doesn't make sense why they were pestering him. The people filming this let him know that they're taping it so he feels a bit more comfortable. They harass the guy more and eventually cuff and arrest him for no real reason. This is the reason that so many kids in the inner cities don't like cops/police. They abuse their power often, and like to show how tough they are. Well I'm glad that this is on video and hopefully this gets attention and some changes are made. We'll have to keep an I out for this.

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