Passengers on a Continental Airlines flight to Houston had to help a flight attendant with an unruly Middle Eastern passenger.

The incident was caught on a camera phone used by another passenger, and shows the man being carted off of the plane.

Passengers gave KHOU a first hand account of what went down.

Witnesses said the unruly passenger was a problem from the get-go. He was mad because he wasn't seated next to his friend. Then after the flight took off, he ignored the "No Smoking" sign and tried to light an electronic cigarette and he refused to turn it off when the flight attendants asked him to.

That's when he started screaming, ‘Allah is great, Allah is great'.

A group of passengers jumped up and subdued the guy while the flight attendant ran to the back and retrieved plastic handcuffs and ankle cuffs.

The angry guy and his friend were taken into custody when the plane landed. Surprisingly enough, the TSA said the incident was not a security issue.