The Michigan Highschool Athletic Association (MHSAA) has announced that the start of high school spring sports will be delayed for one more week.

Sports were scheduled to resume on March 22 and will be pushed back one more week to March 26. That's not bad, at least it's not another whole year. 

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The calendar change should alleviate pressures on indoor facility usage and athletes changing seasons with Winter sports concluding up to two weeks later this school year after a delayed start due to COVID-19.

To me, this is all good news. It means that officials are taking things seriously, and would rather take a bit of extra time to make sure things run smoothly. The last thing we need is another student-athlete to contract COVID-19 and set everything back another few months.

I understand we all wanna get back to normal life, but we CANNOT force it. We're living in what is potentially the most fragile moment in our lives. We do our best to distract ourselves with other activities. But don't forget that extracurricular activities are not as important as your health.


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