Swartz Creek announced that the JV Football season would be suspended until October 5th due to Covid concerns.

School officials sent out the notice Tuesday afternoon to parents in the district. The letter detailed that at least one person with direct contact to the JV team has tested positive for Covid-19. There are no details on if the confirmed cases are coaches or players, but they are following guidelines either way.

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I live in Swartz Creek, and was alerted to the confirmed case on a private school Facebook page, followed by an email from the school. I have included a copy of the email below.


This was the main worry of parents, coaches, players, and everyone involved with school aged kids playing sports. The push to get kids back on the field always came with the risk of exposure. Now it is up to schools to react quickly when there is a confirmed case in these situations.

I think the Creek administration handled this situation about as good as you can. They have been transparent to everyone in the community, and have taken recommended safety precautions with the people involved.

The problem with sports and covid is that the teams are always in extremely close contact. Even if the sport is not a contact sport, during practice, and games, there are so many moments where covid can be spread.

I'm not interested in arguing with anyone over the issue of Covid, and if kids should be playing sports or not. I am interested in seeing how schools, parents, and players will react when their team tests positive for Covid. Will the risk of being on the field be worth it after there are consequences to be paid? It's easy to say "Let Them Play!" on a warm August day with no chance of immediate harm, but it's a different story when someone gets sick.


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