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Another teacher is being accused of having an inappropriate relationship with a student.  A Texas middle school teacher gave her 15 year old male student a lap dance in front of other students. 

Felicia Smith is the teacher who gave a high school student a four minute long lap dance.  The student told investigators that he sat in a chair next to her desk as she grind her body on his crotch. The nasty teacher even put her head between the students legs.

The victim even told the authorities that he spanked the teacher butt during the lap dance.  At the end of the out-of-line celebration, Smith told the student she loved him.  How bizarre is that?

Felicia Smith has posted bond and has been removed from the school while the investigation is pending.  Another Texas teacher was recent involved in a similar situation.  In Las Vegas, a substitute teacher is being accused of having sex with a 15 year old student.  Lastly, a Arkansas teacher previewed her sex tape with her students.