Picking the top 10 Eminem songs is almost impossible, (Complex magazine had trouble narrowing it down to 100). So keep in mind that the list is based solely on my opinion, and you have every right to disagree.

There are a couple of things that make pairing Em's songs down so difficult. First is the fact that his library is so deep, and it just keeps growing. Even at 47 he is releasing new music, and while most of his new stuff is not on my list, there are fans out there that think it's his best work yet.

Secondly is the different styles Em has used over the years when making songs. He has always been a very lyrical song writer, but the content is everywhere. From vulgar shock lyrics to heartfelt inspirational songs. Em really does cover the entire gambit of topics.

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Most music fans and critics agree that Eminem has cemented a place for himself on the all time great MC list. Em has went back and forth about who the greatest of all time are, but recently he did name Tupac as the greatest songwriter of all time.

No matter what you think of Eminem, there is no arguing that he is one of the most influential artists of his generation. Check out my top 10 Eminem songs of all time below, and make sure you read why each song is on the list before starting to disagree. I know that not everyone will agree, and that's a good thing. Just make sure to tell me what songs you think should or should not be on the list in the comments below.

10 Best Eminem Songs

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