They held out as long as they possibly could hoping things would change, but they didn't. Another major Michigan festival is calling it quits for 2020.

The Michigan Renaissance Festival announced today that they would be canceling the 2020 season. The popular festival held in Holly, Michigan draws thousands from all over the state and beyond. They made the announcement on their Facebook page in a statement.

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The statement noted that the festival team had been hard at work for months planning to open. The statement read, "We worked hard the last five months to develop a plan and mitigation measures which we firmly believe would have resulted in a safe and healthy Renaissance Festival. However, it is clear that the current State directives will not change significantly in time to allow the Festival to open this fall."

Cancelation of the event, that was scheduled to kick-off Labor Day weekend and run through October 4th, will have a big impact on the many artist, performers, volunteers, and community groups that turn the event into fundraising opportunities. For many families, the festival is a yearly tradition.

The statement did note that they are working on new and re-imagined events for the upcoming months. "We will be announcing new and exciting activities in the days and weeks ahead such as the RENFEST FOOD AND ENTERTAINMENT PARADE. We promise that you will not have to wait long for your turkey leg!" They also announced plane for a "re-imagined incredible FEAST OF FANTASY".

The festival says that all 2020 tickets will be honored in 2021. The 2021 Season will kick-off August 21st and continue until October 3rd.

You can read the full statement below.

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