The city of Flint is hosting a 'Keep The Water Flowing', water fair today, and it's a chance to get some free water or have your tap water tested.

Flint residents have been dealing with water problems since this summer when there was an Ecoli scare.

Now Flint residents are dealing with a myriad of issues with the water coming out of their tap.  The state and city are trying to step in to help, and this water fair is one of the ways they are helping.

Flint residents can get info on water bill payment plans, bill assistance, water treatment, free water testing, and free water.  YES, FREE WATER!

Every household that shows up at the water fair today will get two free cases of water.  While it's not nearly enough, it is a good show of support.  The event happens at Catholic Charities Center for Hope, 517 E. Fifth Ave in Flint.

If you're not into free water and such, you could always try Artimis' solution.