Flint rapper Jeff Skigh commonly known for his "Good Vibes" track has an 8-bit video game under development but he needs a little more support. 

Jeff Skigh is a local rapper from the Flint area who in my opinion has a flare for creativity. From his "Good Vibes" track to his highly creative " Highway music" video Jeff is making a lot of noise in the Flint area.

Now he's working on a new project, a video game! From first glance I get a " Streets of Rage" vibe now imagine that game with a Flint setting. Sounds dope right!? I'm excited for Jeff and I hope this project gets all the support it needs. With all that being said the proceeds will go to help out local Flint residents in need of bottled water. Super dope...

To help email Jeff Skigh here jeffskigh@gmail.com

Check out his music here.

Turin Right
Turin Right

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