A couple of Michigan drug traffickers screwed the pooch earlier this year when they mistakenly entered Canada by way of the Blue Water Bridge carrying a hefty shipment of crack cocaine and semi-automatic weapons. Indeed, these indiscretions have resulted in a black and white Christmas for Tyvann White and Lorenzo Moore, who were sentenced this week to 18 months in prison for their shoddy Scarface antics.

The two cocaine cowboys got themselves busted over the summer trying to enter back into the United States when they told a Canadian Border Agent that their presence in Canada was by accident. Of course, this arose some suspicion, and soon a search of the vehicle they had procured was underway. This is where border control found loaded semi-automatic weapons with the serial numbers filed off and about 45 grams of crack cocaine.

Incidentally, Justice Mark Hornblower, who sentenced the two men earlier this week, said this was not the first case he heard where GPS guided drug traffickers into Canada by mistake.

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