You can now take all the duck face selfies while casting your vote for the next President of the United States! Freedom!

Some laws are in place to keep us safe, others are set to make the state and federal government money, and some are just plain dumb. Fining and jail time for taking a selfie with a ballot is one of those really dumb laws that makes no sense honestly.

Up until recently taking a selfie with your ballot could get you 90 days in jail and up to $500 in fines, but thanks to U.S. District Judge Janet Neff you can now take all of the selfies you want while voting!

After a suit was filed by Joel Crookston of Portage, MI, it was ruled that taking a selfie with your ballot is your first amendment right.

So get those filters ready and those duck lips primed up, its #BallotSelfie season!



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