Michigan State University is planning ahead for the fall term and making sure everything is in place for the return of students to on campus. As part of their preparations for a learning environment with new health restrictions, the university is also making arrangements for those students that may test positive for the COVID-19 virus while on campus.

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Michigan State University announced that they will be taking a residence hall out of regular service and use it for those students who test positive for the coronavirus.

Akers Hall, which holds roughly 500 people, will be reserved for the students who live on campus and test positive for coronavirus. This will allow for students who live on campus can move to Akers Hall or make the choice to return home if they test positive.

Kat Cooper, spokeswoman for Residential and Hospitality Services said, "As we watched cases rise around the country, we decided we needed more options for that available to us."

MSU will require face coverings to be worn by everyone (including all faculty, staff, students, vendors and visitors) indoors and outdoors while on campus. They have also outlined a detailed plan for staying safe on campus in preparation for students returning.

Classes at Michigan State University are set to begin September 2nd for both in-person and online. The university announced that all in-person instruction will end November 25,  which is the start of Thanksgiving break. The remaining instruction, study sessions and final examinations moving remotely for the last three weeks of the semester.


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