Shout out to the Top 10 Genesse county Football players for stopping by the Studio, and to Joe Tramble for giving these kids some exposure.


A few of Genesee counties top ten football prospects stopped by the studio despite the blizzard that was happening outside on Tuesday. These kids have put in a ton of hard work over the season and have earned their right to be considered Genesee Counties top 10.

Joe Tramble is a local talent scout for the Genesee county area and he's hard at work trying to get these kids some more exposure.

The top 10 goes as such:

  • Cal Endicot, Flushing QB
  • Tariq Ried, Davidson RB
  • Josh Czarnola, Fenton QB
  • Kentrell Ware, Grand Blanc RB
  • Jace Parrish, Grand Blanc DB
  • Trevor Edgar, Fenton LM
  • Aaron Broughton, Grand Blanc LB
  • Jaylen Smith, Carmen Ainsworth RB
  • Chanse Setzke, Fenton WR
  • Austin Roland,  Davidson WR / Bradley Novass, Flushing LM

These young men will have the chance to compete for the Genesee County Player of the year award. Once we narrow down our athletes we'll have the winner of this award come into the studio for an exclusive interview. Good luck to all our candidates!


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